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 Reliable Drain Solutions

Why Install A Condensate Drain?

Combo Timer Drain

The COMBO timer controlled condensate drain combines an adjustable electronic timer controlled drain, a ball valve and a mesh strainer into one compact easy to install package. Suitable for any flow range and pressure up to 230 PSI, the COMBO is perfect for virtually any compressed air application, especially those with solid particulate contaminants.

With a test button, LED on/off indication and a full serviceable direct acting valve, the COMBO offers affordable, reliable condensate management without the need to install additional valves and strainers. Use it on any compressor, receiver, filter or refrigerated dryer.

The COMBO saves installation time and protects against large particles found in condensate, thanks to the integrated ball valve and strainer. The unit can be shut off from the compressed air system, enabling easy and safe work to be carried out.


Condensate drains are possibly the least glamorous and most ignored component of a compressed air system but nevertheless, a most important part. No matter how much you spend on that fancy new compressed air system, not spending a little effort with your drain choice could cause you no end of headaches and increased operating costs for years to come.

Contaminants can enter a system at the compressor intake or be introduced into the airstream by the system itself. Lubricant, metal particles, rust, and pipe scale are all separated and filtered out, but it’s the drains that have to operate properly for the filters and separators to be successful in completing their task. Drains can be found on an intercooler, after-cooler, filter, dryer, receiver, drip leg, or at point of use.


Drains come in several types and variants for all these applications, some quote fancy descriptions, but they fall into these basic categories: level sensed – timer operated – float - manual – none (yes that is a drain choice!).

How do your drains improve system efficiency? Draining the moisture from compressed air systems ensures fewer downtimes and less damage due to rust and scale etc. JORC timer drains are designed for long life and require a minimum amount of maintenance. They are key components in the quest for system efficiency and reliability. When a drain fails to eject all of the condensate collected, oil and/or water will collect, causing carry over into the system – allowing build-up of contaminants in dryers, receivers and filters.
On multiple stage compressors moisture carry over from the intercooler may allow liquid into the next stage causing premature wear and possibly a catastrophic failure.
Installing a reliable drain is an absolute must!


Optimum Drain
Most popular drain!

The OPTIMUM timer controlled condensate drain is suitable for a wide range of compressed air applications including compressors, receivers, filters and refrigerated air dryers.

With an easily adjustable electronic timer, a direct acting solenoid valve, a large orifice and options for a brass or stainless steel body, this drain provides reliable compact condensate removal.

Part # 2601  1/4" 230 VAC  230 psi

Part # 2602  3/8"  230 VAC 230 psi

Part # 2603  1/2"  230 VAC  230 psi

Part # 2621  1/4"  115 VAC  230 psi

Not sure what size drain you need?

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Mag-11 Drain
No electricity required!

The MAG-11 is the optimum choice in compact energy saving condensate drains, typically installed in (refrigerated) dryers and under piston compressors.

Unlike timer or electronic drains, which require electricity to operate, the MAG-11 operates using a magnet level sensor providing energy saving zero air loss operation without the need for a power source.

Perfectly suited for coolers, refrigerated dryers, liquid separators and piston compressors, the MAG-11 uses a magnetically operated 2/2-way direct acting valve assembly, discharging the condensate from your compressed air system without losing any of your valuable compressed air. The MAG-11 meets the demand of virtually any application, regardless of the condensate flow. It fits in any application, regardless of size, without any set up or adjustment.

Magnetically operated zero air loss drain.


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Part # 3953-B  1/2" NPT-230 psi


Designed specifically for compressed air applications where electricity is difficult to provide, the POD-TD level sensed condensate drain provides effective and efficient condensate removal, yet requires no electrical power.

A newly developed 3/2-way level controlled valve principle operates a direct cylinder valve, discharging the condensate automatically from your system. There is no unnecessary compressed air lost during this process.

The POD-TD meets the demand of virtually every application regardless of the condensate flow, covering compressed air systems up to 3500 CFM, including receiver tanks.

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